CIONET’s mission – as the largest CIO community world-wide - is to help IT executives become more at ease and above all more successful in their jobs.

So they can do more than just keep up with change but ultimately define it. CIONET opens up a whole new universe of opportunities in IT management.

Hightech Partners is CIONET’s Digital Talent Partner and advises the organization and its members on how to develop or reskill digital talent, how to acquire it through recruitment or other initiatives and how to partner with providers of digital talent.



The Digital Talent Observatory (DTO) is a platform to detect trends in the demand for digital talents and to anticipate and learn from the first signals of change both on the demand and supply side.

DTO is a joined initiative of CIONET and Hightech Partners. Both organizations have a long-standing commitment to support and enable the people that have the responsibility to embrace and drive the transformation.

DTO’s Compensation Benchmark has the ambition to be the reference in comparing digital talent KPI’s in the IT industry.