Partner for Talents

Partner for talents

Exploit the Ecosystem


Nowadays the speed of change is unprecedented being the acceleration driven by the combinatorial effect of several technologies reaching the maturity stage at the same time.

In such a context the decision of make vs buy it's not only question of amount of funds to invest but rather of time to market, hence the need to leverage the Platform Economy to use the competences and skills where available becomes the best option, in a co-opetition framework.

We at Hightech Partners, can rely not only on the well established and long standing relationships of our Senior Consultants - who have a strong track record as executives in leading positions in the European Technology industry in their former career - but also in solid and well established network of clients willing to establishing partnerships

CompEtency Model


In addition, we can rely also on a network of Universities, and their leading Professors, who are well entrenched in the ecosystem, as well as a strong partnership with CIONET - the largest international community of CIO's and Digital Leaders - and we are developing constantly initiatives with leading association of manufacturer and services providers in the main European Countries.

We are also developing joint-ventures to be able to support our clients in several domains:

  • GDPR offering Audit and DPO as a Service Consulting
  • Cybersecurity
  • Blockchain
  • Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

Our role is to connet the dots and enable the leverage to expoit our Ecosystem to access to those talents and theirs skills that otherwise will be difficult to recruit or reskill.